The story behind the name Mirrai

There is much evidence that symbiotic trade existed amongst the indigenous tribes of South America that dates back to the pre-colombian period.

MIRRAI was a familiarization ritual practiced by the tribes who lived in the area that is now known as Colombia. The greeting ritual was used when entering another tribe’s territory to establish a type of commercial relationship. The “Mirrai” ceremony helped create a positive interaction between tribes. It also was a means to learn about each other. Mirrai encouraged fair, trustworthy and amicable trading between tribes.

We named our firm Mirrai because we believe that one of life’s most vital elements is the continual exchange of goods and services, based in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust. In order to achieve success in all aspects, we strive to create a long-term and transparent relationship with all of our clients.


We strive to be the leading consulting firm that establishes strong and enduring business relations between Latin America and Canada;  helping businesses navigate across cultures to overcome international challenges and to succeed in new markets.


To create long-term, trustworthy and enlightened relationships with Latin American and Canadian businesses by utilizing the most recent marketing and communication technologies, maintaining current market intelligence through our extensive global network and database, and holding tailor-made seminars and conferences.


  1. Simplicity & Dynamism
  2. Latin American and Canadian Cultural Exchange
  3. Knowledge and Growth
  4. Creativity and Cross-Cultural Storytelling

Our Team

Paola Murillo

CEO / Founder

Eric Doublier

Agronomist / International Export

Fay Hinkson

International Market Research Consultant

Joally Garcia

Social Media Creator

Maikel Parets

Social Media Strategy


Our Clients


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