Peru has 30 million of population. The economy of Peru is classified as upper middle income by the World

Bank and is the 39th largest in the world. Peru’s economic competitiveness has been sustained by regulatory reforms and open-market policies. Macroeconomic and monetary management is relatively prudent, with a structural fiscal rule keeping the level of public debt among the lowest in the region.

China has become Peru #39s largest trading partner following a free trade agreement with the People´s Republic of China signed on April 28, 2009 additional free trade agreements have being signed with the United States of America (2006) free trade agreement with the United States signed on April 12, 2006 the European Union June 26, 2012.The EU and Peru Sign Trade Promotion Agreement, with Japan free trade agreement with the constitutional monarchy of Japan signed on May 31, 2011 and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was signed in Lima on May 29, 2008; And entered into force on 1 August 2009.