Digital Marketing

Website Creation ( development   & Analysis )

We make sure your website is consistent with your identity. We design it so that it reflects your values and is well referenced so that web users will find your site and won’t want to leave it!

Social media strategy and platform development

Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… If you have news, you have to share it! We help you find your way through the Social web in order to reach your customers by increasing website traffic, creating and managing a fan base, improving brand awareness or increasing credibility while working with your budget and goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is a pretty complex and competitive marketing tool.matter. We optimize your site base on targeted keywords in Spanish and Portuguese terms related to your business.  As a result,  your website will have more traffic creating in additional leads and potential sales.

Mirrai will conduct keyword analysis to find the best way to target your market by creating SEO strategies to meet your goals while linking your business to directories, blogs, and social media including meta tags.

Google AdWords, Online Advertising & Media Buying:

Mirrai will oversee the creation and targeting of compelling ad content giving regular reporting to track the effectiveness of your investment. We will build keyword lists which is relevant to website/landing page content, optimizing campaigns on daily basis to the best performing keywords and ad groups.

We will use our expertise to drive business directly to your website by using Facebook ads providing reports to track the effectiveness of the ad posted.

3D resources

3D plants:

Plants and Axonometries are an easy way to understand a project. They contain a graphic expression that is easily understandable to audiences that do not understand the technical information of the architectural plans and their specifications.

3D renders:

The renderings are high-quality illustrations for your projects. They have had salesrooms and print media in mind from the beginning; Currently they are widely used in digital media as a strategy for the promotion and sales of real estate projects and socialization of urban projects. With them it is intended, beyond visualizing inherent aspects of design such as light, space and materials, to transmit the experience of space.

3D Virtual Tours:

We also offer the Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality Tour service, either to publish on web pages, or to hold exhibitions with Virtual Reality viewers for the clients of a real estate agency or developer.


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