A Carnaval more than a Big Fiesta in the Pacific NorthWest!

This weekend one of my biggest projects will see the light of day for the 8th year running. Carnaval del Sol, is a Festival which brings together the Latin community and integrates it with Canadian society.

With all the ongoing events we are seeing happening around the world, a wave of immigration is being experienced everywhere and the lack of space for newcomers can create problems for effective integration.

In Canada, as in many other countries, the first generation of immigrants arrives in a new land with the desire for success and intention to work really hard to achieve it – that is their main motivation in life. Second generations are already part of the culture, it is easier to find success in life and they are individuals who can already identify with the two different cultures. Sometimes for this generation, a reminder of their roots is needed.

For this reason, we are proud to organize and create the space that is Carnaval del Sol Festival, a place where our community can connect with their heritage and share it with our new home and neighbours in Vancouver, Canada.  Most of our community feels very proud to be here and grateful for this opportunity and we want to share our culture so people around us understand more about who we are, what we do, and how we see life.

Carnaval del Sol is the place where all generations come together to show the city of Vancouver what the Latin American culture is all about – it is the true “Plaza Latina”!

 Latincouver, the organization which puts on this event, originated from the concept of a Plaza, where people with similar interests can connect and help each other to achieve success in business, arts, sports or science.

Carnaval del Sol, is the cultural Plaza where new entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists reach out and connect with the local market to show what they have to offer as well as being the place to see and taste the beautiful colours of Latin America right here in Vancouver.

Carnaval del Sol is also a Plaza where all generations and cultures can come together to learn about, enjoy and build on the Latin community in Vancouver.

These are the main reasons I feel proud of this project. Knowing that we are providing  the bridge needed for people to get to know our community  as well as for all generations of Latinos to find a place where we can remember and be proud of our heritage while having a happy day of food, drink, live entertainment and bringing positive business to the city.

I look forward to see you this weekend at Concord Pacific 88 Pacific Blvd.
Open from 10 am to 10 pm  and welcomes everyone.

PaolaVM & Latincouver team! 


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