Farm assessment:

Are you looking at relocating to Canada and creating your vegetables and fruits farm?

At Mirrai, we want to see agriculturally-capable land being brought into full production. To meet that goal, we work alongside future farm operators to create crop suitability assessments based on the soils and microclimate of the land. We work with local governments to conduct agricultural land use inventories that measure and track changes in production levels as well as alterations to the landscape over time, such as parcelization and non-farm use of the Agricultural Land Reserve. We want to make sure you have all the necessary tools to succeed in your installation as a future Canadian farmer.

Agricultural plans and strategies:

At Mirrai, we can provide agrology-based expertise in the development of agricultural plans and strategies. These community-wide projects incorporate a deep level of stakeholder engagement to create a vision statement, goals, objectives, and recommended actions. Our plans include a robust implementation strategy that identifies specific actions that local governments can achieve to improve the agriculture and food security of the community, and examines the levels of resources necessary for the plan to be fully enacted.

Farm Labor:

Are you looking at increasing or improving your labor force with qualified farmers from Latin America? Mirrai can certainly help with the entire process. Let us know what you are looking for and we will custom recruit according to your need. We are not immigration consultants but we have access to many resources In Latin America to fulfill all your expectations.


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