Strategic Communication

Our goal is to help our clients to cross borders in order to expand their markets and to help adapt and tailor their plans and messages to specific markets. We  help to get your business the right media coverage locally and internationally, and work to help you to effectively communicate with local customers, employees, potential investors, audiences and stakeholders.

  • Intercultural communication and negotiations
  • Educational  Seminars on how to do business in another culture
  • Stakeholder development and engagement
  • Taylored messaging to market-specific audiences
  • Product Launching in Latin America
  • Media relations
  • Event Production

Communicating effectively with Latin American communities implies a deep knowledge of the many cultures and the Spanish & Portuguese languages. You also need to rely on an existing network. We provide all of those.

Your media strategy needs to take into account the differences between the North American and the Latin American audiences. We know how to carry the right message to the right people, in your best interest.

Latin America is one of the fastest growing markets. When it comes to Public Relations: you have to be there!


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